Wine purchase at best prices

With Exclusiv Weinankauf we stand for competence in the purchase of high-quality wines, champagnes and spirits from all over the world with the emphasis on Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, as well as the great wines of Italy, Spain, Australia and the USA.

We are specialized in the purchase of private wine collections and wine stocks. We pay top prices from the wine cellar to the single bottle and are your serious partner when it comes to buying wine.

We are there for you personally - you can reach us by telephone at +49 2173 8496210 or by e-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sell your wines with us at perfect conditions!

We constantly buy matured wines from private collections - from single bottles to complete collections of several thousand bottles. If you have decided to sell your wines, we are your competent partner:

    We will submit you a purchase offer at fair net prices!
    There are no further costs such as discounts or lot fees.
    We will help you with the transport and the entire handling and are also personally available on site for larger collections.

In contrast to a consignment at an auction house, you do not have to pack the wines as lot with us, have no risk that wines are not sold and are transported unnecessarily. You don't have to pay lot fees and usually get a similar value as at an auction after all costs and fees have been deducted.
Buying wine - that's how it works:

Contact us and send us an informal list of wines for sale using the Exclusiv Weinankauf Request Form or alternatively by email.

We will then submit you a corresponding purchase offer. If you agree to sell the wines under these conditions, we will first send you a written order for the sake of good order.
For the transport of the wines you must then agree with us whether you still have sufficient packaging material. If not, we will make this available free of charge. As soon as the wines are ready for dispatch, we will instruct our forwarding agent or parcel service to collect the shipment. You hand over the consignment to him and have the collection confirmed by a delivery note, which we also provide. There is no control by the carrier, therefore it is important that the wines are packed in the same way as you are used to with a delivery in the reverse case; that is, the cartons are tightly closed and marked with labels provided by us. The number of packages must also be noted on the delivery note.

If we have received the consignment faultlessly and in good condition, the goods will be received and payment made immediately!
For all further questions around the topic wine purchase we are to you gladly also under the special email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the disposal.
Wine purchase - for self-bringer

Of course you can also bring the wines to us personally; we ask for a short appointment. Depending on the location, it may also be possible for one of our employees to collect the wines from you.
As soon as the wines reach our warehouse, we check your shipment for completeness and the external condition of the bottles. Here it is important to inform us in advance of any damage to labels (keyword wet cellar storage) and too low fill levels of older bottles. Our minimum requirements for bottles that are 25 years old and older is a filling level from Into Neck.

We guarantee a serious handling and help you with the dissolution of your wine cellar. We guarantee fair prices. The transport takes place either by collection with smaller quantities of DHL, or is organized by us.

Basically, we assume that the wines offered to us are properly stored. The filling level is decisive for the calculation of the purchase price. Damage to the label and capsule may result in a price reduction.

On request we will be happy to make you an offer. Please send us a list of your wines for sale. In doing so, you can access the document (Excel file) stored under Purchasing list. It is also possible to send us an Excel or Word table. If a sale comes about,

- we'll take care of the transport,
- of course with cash payment
Wine and champagne purchase

Exclusiv Weinankauf buys your wines and champagnes. Would you like to part with your wine collection, your wine heritage or even just a bottle? Then Exclusiv Weinankauf is the right partner for you. Every month we dissolve several wine cellars, from the smallest quantities to the treasure chamber and submit you a fair offer and guarantee a fast and professional processing. Naturally anonymous and discreet, with corresponding values against collection with cash payment.
Advantages of direct sales compared to an auction

    You will receive the agreed sum in cash or by bank transfer/paypal directly upon delivery/delivery.
    Therefore no very long waiting times before payment
    No sales poker/non-sale with unsuccessful auction > no revenue
    Commission-free, risk-free
    No storage costs, insurance fee or other costs
    No complicated shipping back processing for non-sales

As a further option we offer the sale of wine on commission. We discuss the prices with you and determine an individual margin.

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